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Stop blaming India, BCCI slams PCB

India were accused by the Pakistan Cricket Board after the tour of New Zealand and England was canceled

Mumbai: The New Zealand Cricket Team and the England Cricket Team have canceled their tour of Pakistan. Citing security concerns, the New Zealand cricket team decided not to play a series against Pakistan on the day of the match. England also canceled its proposed tour and decided not to send men’s and women’s teams to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s dance worldwide
The decision by New Zealand and England sent shockwaves through Pakistan. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was also hit hard. Outraged by this, Pakistan is constantly making baseless allegations against India. But the BCCI has slammed the PCB in this regard.

The cancellation of the tour of New Zealand and England has taken a heavy toll on Pakistan financially and morally. Rameez Raja, the new chairman of the PCB, has criticized both the countries. Meanwhile, some Pakistani ministers and former players, however, blamed India for canceling the tour. He has also blamed the BCCI for this.

The BCCI told the PCB
According to sources, a senior BCCI official has said that Pakistan has a long tradition of involving India in big or small issues without any evidence. “We wish PCB president Rameez Raja that Pakistan cricket will reach a new height during his tenure. We also make it clear that the BCCI has no role in the cancellation of the tour of New Zealand and England,” the BCCI said.

“We don’t have time for all this,” a BCCI official said. Some former Pakistan players are blaming the IPL. But what has the IPL got to do with the cancellation of the tour of New Zealand and England? Whose allegation is this? This question has also been raised by the BCCI.


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