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SSC Result 2021: Online X results website hacked? The education department says …

Does the website need oxygen before the results of Dahavi fall into the hands of children? The education department says it is suspected of being hacked

Mumbai: The result of class X was announced this afternoon. However, students and parents were annoyed as the results were not available on the website since noon. Concerns were being raised that the website was not being launched. Recently a big news is coming from the education department. The education department suspects that the website of the 10th result has been hacked.

The X results website had not been launched since 1 p.m. There are many technical difficulties in opening a website. The Department of Education has expressed suspicion that the website of the dominant results has been hacked. A high-level committee will now be set up to look into the matter, sources said.

The 10th result website had not had such a problem before. This time, despite the announcement of the results, the results could not be seen on the website for several hours. Therefore, the education department suspects that this website has been hacked.

Meanwhile, this year’s results of the X on internal evaluation show that the marks have been looted. This year 99.95 percent students passed. This year 83 thousand 262 students have more than 90 percent marks in the state while 957 students have 100 percent marks. The website crashed more than 6 hours after the result. Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad has ordered to take action against the culprits.
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