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Special offer from the model ‘Get Corona Vaccine, Get Free Nude Photos’

The offer made by this model is currently getting good discussion on social media

SHINGTON: The worldwide corona is not over yet. Different types of variants are coming up. Some people, on the other hand, are still afraid to get vaccinated. Many organizations and professionals have come up with special schemes for vaccination. You may have heard of some restaurants or travel agencies offering offers to citizens for vaccinations. However, a strange offer made by an adult star has become a topic of discussion on social media.

If you get an offer to get a corona vaccine and get nude photos. It is not just a thought or an idea, but a star has made such an offer. Corona has worn Thaman all over the world. The government of each country has different plans to prevent the spread of corona. Efforts are being made to vaccinate as many citizens as possible (Corona Vaccine). One such model has encouraged people to vaccinate in their special estimates.

What the model offered
The model’s name is Kazumi Squirts. She is 24 years old and works for a website. She made the announcement during an interview. “I’m trying my best to get as many people as possible to get the corona vaccine,” said Kazumi, who lives in Florida, USA. “Those who receive the corona vaccine should send a certificate of vaccination, and as a reward I will send them my free nude photo,” Kazumi said.

The interviewer asked if he was doing all this just to do a publicity stunt. “We want every citizen to be vaccinated, so the corona will be banished from the world,” Kazumi replied.

Kazumi came into the porn industry by accident. She was working in the sales department in a showroom. Someone at a party posted an offensive photo of her on social media. The showroom owner then fired her. She stayed home for 3 months. But then she decided to pursue a career in photography. She then ventured into the porn industry.

This strange offer from Kazumi is being discussed all over the world. On social media, some people scoffed at her offer, while others strongly opposed it. Her bizarre offer to fight Corona is currently the talk of the town.

(Note: newslokmat.com There is no confirmation of this news. This post has gone viral on social media.)



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