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Shocking! The ruthless father sold the minor daughter 3 times

It has been revealed that a ruthless father sold his stomach three times.

Nanded: It is not clear who will go to which level for money. In Nanded, it has been revealed that a ruthless father sold his stomach three times. The incident exposed the racket of selling girls. Let’s find out how this shocking type of thing happened. (father sells her minor daughter three times for marrige in nanded)

Under the guise of marriage, a destitute father has sold his young daughter three times, not just once or twice. His name is Subhash Rathod. In Hadgaon in Nanded district, this kind of disgrace to humanity has taken place. Subhash Rathore left his first wife and lived with another woman. However, he had kept the minor girl with him. Because he had dark intentions in his mind.

He first sold her in 2018 for money. He sold the girl to a man in Rajkot through an agent named Bhavana Chawla. However, as the girl was being harassed there, Subhash brought her to the village. Two months later, she sold it to a man named Sandeep Mali of Nandurbar for Rs 2 lakh. But the gardener did not pay. So Subhash brought her back from there. He then made a deal with Vitthal Gaikwad of Sata for Rs 2 lakh. The victim girl contacted her aunt on Kasabsa phone. She was later released.

After the girl’s complaint, a case was registered against some agents including the girl’s father at Hadgaon police station. Police have handcuffed 8 accused including Naradham Bapa. This incident underscores the fact that women and girls are as much at risk from outside vultures as they are from their homes.
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