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Shocking! A dead sail found in Demart, a game with the soul of a customer

Beware if you are bringing a match from Demard!

Mumbai: We go shopping at Demart easily as we want to play a month-long match together. But beware if you are buying a match from Demart! Examine the object carefully during the match. This is due to the shocking fact that a dead sail was found in the jaggery bought at Demart.

The horrific incident took place on June 13 at a demart in Vasai West Bhabola. The customer’s name is Jai Namdev and he has lodged a complaint immediately. It has come to light that the Demart administration has turned a blind eye to the issue. The incident has caused a stir everywhere.

What exactly is the case?
Jay Namdev bought some groceries from Demart in Bhabola on June 13. In it, he bought a packed half a kilo of jaggery from Kinjal Company. When they got home, they opened the luggage and found a dead pal in a jaggery pile.

There is now a feeling of insecurity from Vasai Karan about Demart. However, when asked by Demart’s management about this type, they gave sarcastic answers and turned a blind eye to the matter. So if you are going to buy some goods from now on, make sure that the goods you have bought are of good quality.


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