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Shiv Sena-MNS battle for credit; Politics was colored by ‘that’ decision of the Center

Raj Thackeray had demanded that the Halfkin Institute be allowed to produce vaccines. Raj Thackeray had thanked the Prime Minister on Twitter for approving Huffkin’s vaccine. Now politics is different from this. (mns vs shivsena)

Mumbai: Politics was rife between the Center and the state government after it came to light that there was a shortage of vaccine in the state. In this context, the Central Government has given permission to the Halfkin Institute in Mumbai to re-launch the vaccination campaign in the state. Now, however, there are signs that a good deal of controversy is brewing.

A few days back, MNS president Raj Thackeray had written a letter to the Center demanding that an organization like Halfkin be allowed to produce vaccines to achieve the goal of 100 per cent vaccination. A few days back, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had visited the Halfkin Institute and inspected the arrangements there.

And demanded that Halfkin be allowed to produce the vaccine. Halfkin has recently been granted such permission. However, the battle of credentials has started today with this tweet made by MNS general secretary Sandeep Deshpande.

Sandeep Deshpande’s tweet

Sandeep Deshpande has claimed that Halfkin was allowed due to Raj Thackeray’s letter. The state government had in January sent a proposal to allow Huffkin to be vaccinated. But his permission came after Rajsaheb’s letter.

This is called ‘Thackeray brand’. Sandeep Deshpande tweeted that there was no problem in thanking those who did not want politics during the Corona period.

Kishori Pednekar’s answer

After Sandeep Deshpande’s tweet, Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar has retaliated. The Chief Minister was in correspondence with the Center. MNS president Raj Thackeray also corresponded and all this has been good for Maharashtra and Mumbai. But it would be childish to say that Halfkin got permission only after Raj Thackeray’s letter.

Given the scope of work of the Prime Minister, it may not have been possible when the state proposal was passed. But everyone tried to take care of the state. The combined effect was visible. There is no question of taking credit for this, said Kishori Pednekar. She was speaking in an interview to a private news channel.


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