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‘Shah Rukh waited for my life …’ The girl accused King Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s romance in cinema is responsible for all this

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan is not only an actor in Bollywood, but also the king of romance. Many actors in Bollywood taught the audience to love. But no one has been able to get love like Shah Rukh. No one has had a romance like Shah Rukh Khan since the nineties. (Shahrukh Khan ruined My Life, Interesting story of Mumbai Girl, post goes viral on Social Media) But a couple has claimed that it was Shahrukh Khan who ruined our life.

This story is told on the Instagram page of Humans of Mumbai. It starts with ‘Shahrukh Khan waited for my life’. After watching Shah Rukh Khan’s movies, this young lady started expecting such love. The girl expected love in her life just like Shah Rukh loved his actresses. But she has blamed Shah Rukh Khan for not getting it.

This young woman has written that, ‘Shah Rukh ruined my whole life. Ever since I was a child, I had dreamed that my Perfect would propose to me in a very special way. With the violin playing in the background. He will wake me up with love. And he’ll sit on my knees and put a ring on me … but nothing like that has ever happened in my life. ‘


She also told her Bengali parents that she wanted to marry a Punjabi boy. We have dated each other for three years. Most of our time was spent bringing our families closer together. In all of this, our time was up and I never proposed to the film.


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