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School Reopen: The school bell will now ring again, schools in the state will start from this date

Fill the bag and get out! From this date, schools in the state will be bustling again, students will start chirping again in the school yard

Mumbai: Schools in the state were closed for more than a year due to corona. In areas where the number of corona victims has now decreased, 8 to 12 classes were recently allowed to start. But now there is a big update regarding schools in the state. Schools in the state are about to start.

According to Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad, it has been decided to start schools in the state from August 17. Permission has been granted to start classes 5 to 8 in the districts where 8th to 12th classes are currently running. The 8th to 12th year will start in the cities. Schools have been closed for the past few months in the wake of the Corona. But now the school and junior college are about to start.

Students are instructed to use social distance and sanitizer to prevent corona infection

The education department is planning to start all schools in the state soon. A meeting of the education department will be held next week to take a decision in this regard. Classes 8th to 12th are currently open in areas with low corona numbers. The Department of Education plans to start the rest of the class soon.

Rules issued under Break the Chain in August empowered the state government to decide whether to start schools. Schools in the state have been closed due to corona since March 2020. But now the education department has started the movement to start the school soon.

The number of corona patients in the state is declining. Against this background some restrictions have been relaxed. Under this, hotels have been started, shops have been extended. Now the next step is to start schools in the state.

The decision to start the school was handed over to the education department in a meeting with the task force. After this, testing has been started by the education department. Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad will hold a meeting with the officials in this regard and after this meeting it will be clear when the schools in the state will start.

Online learning is currently underway. But students and teachers face many difficulties in online education. Education cannot be done in the right way. That is why the education department is in the mindset of starting a real school.


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