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SBI launches first floating ATM in Dal Lake

This ATM of SBI is becoming a topic of discussion

Srinagar: Dal lake has always been a tourist attraction. Now SBI’s floating ATM has become another unique attraction. SBI ATMs are becoming very popular among the people at Floating ATMs.

Floating ATMs in houseboats

SBI said in a tweet that its floating ATM will cater to the cash needs of locals, including tourists visiting Dal Lake in Srinagar. The floating ATM was inaugurated by SBI President Dinesh Kumar himself. This ATM has been opened in Houseboat.

When the SBI president reached Srinagar to inaugurate the ATM, he also visited the SBI branch in Srinagar. This branch of SBI has been in operation since the time of SBI Imperial Bank of India. He also inaugurated SBI’s Tangmarg branch which will provide banking facilities to passengers visiting Gulmarg.

Houseboats and hunting rides floating in Srinagar’s Dal Lake are a delight for everyone. Also SBI’s floating ATM is a new attraction. But did you know that Dal Sarovar in Srinagar also has the only floating post office in the country. It also always attracts visitors here.


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