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samagra id – samagra Portal: Know How To Use SSSM ID in MP – Housing

The Samagra Samajik Suraksha Mission (SSSM) is a government initiative launched in Madhya Pradesh. The mission aims to ensure that the disadvantaged members of society get easy access to various social security schemes as per their needs. There are schemes available for different sections of the society, including girls, elderly persons, labourers, those belonging to the below poverty line (BPL) segment, etc. For effective implementation of these schemes, the state government launched a comprehensive social security program in 2010 and introduced the Samagra portal. All families living in the state are registered on the portal, and citizens are allotted a unique ID known as the SSSM ID.

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The SSSMID card serves as a valid document that eligible families can use, to apply for various government schemes. All the essential details of the citizens will be mentioned in the SSS M ID. Moreover, the citizens can access the www.samgra.gov.in portal to get useful information and various services.

Here is a guide on the Samagra portal and everything you must know about the SSSM ID.

Samagra portal: SSSM ID benefits

Citizens of Madhya Pradesh must have an SSSM ID, which serves as proof when availing of state government schemes or services. For example, those applying for a BPL ration card should have a valid Samagra ID.

The overall social security program ensures monitoring and promotion of the schemes while providing necessary facilities to the beneficiaries through a single platform.

There are two types of SSS M ID, as mentioned below:

  • Family SSSM ID: It is an eight-digit number allotted to one family.
  • Member SSSM ID: It is a nine-digit number allotted to one family member. It is only allotted to members who are registered as members of a family at the time of making the Samagra ID.

All families and family members living in Madhya Pradesh are registered on the Samagra portal. Along with the registration, the Family ID and Member ID are automatically generated. The complete information about the beneficiaries of government schemes and services is available on the portal.

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A beneficiary can visit the samagra.gov.in MP website to view basic information about himself and his family. In case of any incorrect information, he can approach the nearest Janpad Panchayat or urban local body. Earlier, beneficiaries had to repeatedly submit their identity and documents like caste certificates when submitting applications for every scheme like scholarships (schools), pension schemes, National Family Assistance Scheme, etc. The Samagra portal simplifies the process by creating a database of the citizens with their complete details.  

samagra id -  samagra Portal: Know How To Use SSSM ID in MP - Housing
samagra id – samagra Portal: Know How To Use SSSM ID in MP – Housing

Further, the state government can get the complete data of every citizen in Madhya Pradesh through the samagra gov in website. Thus, it becomes easy to get information about the citizens eligible for the schemes. The portal ensures transparency since the benefits of these schemes reach the beneficiaries.

Samagra online registration

Beneficiaries of various schemes in Madhya Pradesh can register for the SSSM Samagra ID by visiting the nearest office of panchayat or Janpad Panchayat. However, they can also easily register themselves online through the Samagra portal.

The applicants should be permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh to be eligible to apply for the SSSM ID.

They should also provide relevant information or documents such as:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Ration card
  • Class 10 mark sheet
  • Permanent resident certificate
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Mobile number

amagra Family ID Details: How to find SSSM ID No?

Users can check their family SSSM ID No online on the portal by following the procedure on how to find Samagra ID given below:

Step 1: Visit the Samagra portal. You will find the ‘Know the overall ID’ option under the ‘Services for Citizens’ section, which has different options:

  • Know the entire family and member ID
  • View information from member ID
  • From family ID
  • From family member ID
  • From mobile number
  • View information from member ID

How to check new / temporary registered families and members?

Click on ‘New / Temporary Registered Family’ under ‘Find new / temporary family / members’ on the home page of Samagra. On the next page, complete the fields by providing details like district, local body, gram panchayat/zones, village/ward, date and list type. Submit the code and click on ‘Show records’. 

Click on ‘New / Temporary Registered Member’ under ‘Find new / temporary family / members’ on the home page. On the next page, complete the fields by providing details like district, local body, gram panchayat/zones, village/ward, date and list type. Submit the code and click on ‘Show records’.

How to find Samagra ward and list of colonies?

Click on ‘Go to your ward (colony)’ under ‘Urban Bodies: – Find Colony / Ward’ on the home page. Enter details like district, local body, and colony name. Click on ‘Search’ to find ward information.

To find the list of colonies, click on ‘See list of colonies under ward’ under ‘Urban Bodies: – Find Colony / Ward’. Provide details like district, local body, zone, and ward. Submit the code and click ‘Search’.

Samagra eKYC

Go to ‘Services For Citizens section’ on the home page of samagra .gov.in portal. Under ‘Update overall profile’, click on ‘Update date of birth, name and gender through e-KYC’ option.

To seed your Aadhaar with your Samagra ID, enter the Composite ID, Aadhaar number and mobile number. Submit the code and click on ‘Request to get OTP on’.

Under the ‘Update overall profile’ section, there are options provided to request to change the date of birth, name and gender. Further, there are other options such as:

  • Request a family migration
  • Identify duplicate members
  • Identify the duplicate family
  • Search registered application or request to update member information and request to update family member information

Samagra contact information

For any queries, citizens can reach out at:

Email address: [email protected]

Address: Samagra Social Security Mission, Tulsi Tower, Tulsi Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


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