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RBI says change these 3 settings of Debit Card as soon as possible … Did you make the settings?

The Reserve Bank of India has announced new rules for debit cardholders to prevent online fraud.

Mumbai: The present age is digital. As a result, almost all transactions take place online. These online services are very convenient for the customers. The use of online banking has increased tremendously in the last few years. But the benefits of these online services are as great as the risks. There has been an increase in online gangsterism. Against this backdrop, the Reserve Bank of India frequently warns consumers. The RBI has now appealed to debit cardholders to change their card settings. (RBI announces new guidelines for debit card holders to prevent online fraud)

Currently, a large number of bank account holders use debit cards. However, due to negligence, some debit card holders get stuck online. This should not happen, so the RBI has appealed to cardholders. The RBI has tweeted about this. You have been asked to change your debit card settings. This will help reduce the chances of online fraud.

… change these habits

Customers have some limitations when it comes to daily transactions with debit cards. This means that a certain amount can be transacted every day. Therefore, customers should minimize transactions through debit cards. This will prevent anyone from cheating online.

There are also limitations for debit cards. This means that some debit cards can only be made domestically. This card is also used abroad by changing the setting. However, if you do not want to use a debit card internationally, you can temporarily disconnect international services. This makes it even less likely that you will be cheated.

How to set up debit card?

Debit Card will not be able to transact after a certain amount due to daily limit on debit card. Customers can change these settings through Net Banking from their bank’s website.

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