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Ranbir Kapoor appeared shirtless while giving an interview at Alia’s house Ranbir was captured on camera ….

Mumbai: Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are the talk of Bollywood right now. Talking about the work of these two, the movie ‘Bramhastra’ is also discussed there. At the same time, there is a lot of talk about their private life and their marriage. (Alia Bhatt goes live on Social Media, Fans spotted Shirtless Ranbir Kapoor) In the year 2020, it is being speculated that the two may take their relationship further. Alia-Ranbir are often seen together in programs. The families of these two also seem to share each other’s joys and sorrows.

Ranbir looked shirtless in Alia’s house
Alia Bhatt recently gave an online interview. A short clip of this went viral on social media. In which Alia was engaged in an interview. Ranbir Kapoor, on the other hand, appeared in a very fun mood. In this video Ranbir is seen doing 2 seconds. Shirtless Ranbir appeared for the first time. Ranbir, who was then seen walking out of the house wearing a shirt, was captured in the video. This video is going very viral on social media. (Alia Bhatt is literally Ranbir Kapoor’s support system)

Saawariya was shirtless in the song
There is nothing wrong with watching Ranbir Kapoor shirtless. He appeared shirtless in actor Ranbir’s debut movie ‘Saawariya’ ‘Jabse Tere Naina Mein’. Ranbir Kapoor is one of those special actors who is not only on social media. Ranbir likes to keep himself away from the limelight. On the other hand Alia Bhatt is very active on social media. But she doesn’t seem to be expressing herself about the relationship.


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