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Pornography Case: Increased complications of Gehna Vashisht; Serious allegations made by the victim

Actress-model Gehna Vashisht, who is embroiled in a pornography case, is facing increasing difficulties.

Mumbai: Actress-model Gehna Vashisht and Rowa Khan, who are embroiled in a pornography case, are facing increasing difficulties. Both have been charged in a pornography case with Raj Kundra. Sources close to the police released the answers of the two victims, who alleged that they were forced to make pornographic videos. Both the girls have claimed to have shot the video in a bungalow on Madh Island.

In this whole case, both victims told the whole type. According to a report, one victim has accused Rowa Khan of threatening and pressuring her, while another victim has leveled serious allegations against Gehna Vashisht. He also claimed to have made physical contact with them by threatening them.

According to the victim, “Gehna told me that she spent Rs 10 lakh for the shooting of the series and if I leave, she will have to pay Rs 10 lakh. I told Gehna that I have no money. When the shooting was over, I begged Gehna to let me go and then she threatened me.” And told me not to talk to anyone about this shoot or go to the police, otherwise the consequences would be bad.

Police, meanwhile, have hidden the names of both the victims for security reasons. The allegations allege that Gehana Vashisht and Rowa Khan forced the victims to make a porn film. Gehna has not yet appeared before Crime Branch officials and has recorded her response in the ongoing investigation into the pornography case.


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