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Are you trying to find a good social networking site for yourself, where there will be no harassment, abusive languages, no judgemental statements, homophobia, transphobia? Then you are reading the right review article. PlanetRomeo or generally called Romeo, it is a social network platform for Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community. When PlanetRomeo was first established in 2002, it was called GayRomeo.

The original place of birth for this unique dating site was in Berlin, Germany. It only supported Germany, but now, with advancements in technology, many other languages are incorporated like English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Till today the majority of its users are German-speaking people.

The registration is free and is a smooth operation. Registration through Facebook is available. Also, you can use the email ID to create your account. Email verification is an essential part of registration. Without it, you won’t be able to access the website’s entire features. You need to upload the profile picture once your registration is complete. Set your location manually and fill up other details to get started with PlanetRomeo experience.

The free version of PlanetRomeo has free access to primary communication mediums like texts, photos, videos, callings, etc. With the free version, you get 5-footprint stickers to send out to your friends daily along with this; you will also get three quick shared requests. You can add friends to your favorites list.

They allow you to use filters that will take you directly to the type of person you are searching for, if you use the filter like hobbies or traits, you will receive match suggestions to carry forward your interest in them. There are categories like “Radar,” ” Travel,” “Guy candy.” We will explain these features later in our review section.

There are some unique features incorporated by PlanetRomeo that aren’t either vulgar or inappropriate. They have picture ratings, which signify expressions ranging from non-sexual to intimidating and also Illegal. There is Quickshare, which is accessible to members with a premium version and allows the pleasure of viewing xxx content (on access), personally.


PlanetRomeo works somewhat similarly to the other online dating sites. But they are cheaper and come with plenty of fish to catch with an enormous variety of features. Everything starts with installation, opening an account, setting up your profile, and so on. You can do everything for free! All the exciting features can be enjoyed when you upgrade, but without it, PlanetRomeo does not disappoint Romeos from enjoying some of the unique contacting features.


PlanetRomeo is for the fun-loving LGBTQ community who believes in the art of hookup and casual sex. This dating site is not your cup of tea if you are looking for love and permanent relation. To know how PlanetRomeo works, we have dwelled into the dating site on our own and dug out the truth for you.

PlanetRomeo has both the versions for Android and iOS along with the Web. Initially, you have to install the app from the stores or open the website version on your PC.m, or simply sign through your social networking site, Facebook. Only if you are above or 18 years of age, you will be eligible to sign up. Upon opening, you will be asked to provide a username for your profile. After you provide a username, submit your birthdate. Once you are done, PlanetRomeo will ask you to provide your location.

You can set it manually, or you can turn on your location services. Now, you will have to provide an Email Address along with a password to secure your account from unauthorized access. Upload your profile photo as directed by the steps, and wait for a verification mail from the company. Also, to reach the verification process, you will come across the terms and conditions chapter, where you agree and proceed to verification.

Once your verification is done, you will be directed to the profile page. This part is called ” interview” by PlanetRomeo. Here, you will be asked some personal questions regarding your sexual preference, dates, hookups, relationships, body type, a body type that attracts you, etc. After you have completed the process, you can now enjoy the features PlanetRomeo has to offer you!


Various exciting features make the usability of the app fun! The search functions are quite easy and can be found on the header of the main menu. There are various contacting features that can be found on the main page of the profiles. The contacting features that both free and paid members can use are,

  • Radar

Distance, activity, discovery, and news are the four types of tabs for queries about dates. Activity helps you track the activity of new members. Discover will help you learn about new members. Distance will help you know the location of the members. New helps track the newly registered Romeo.

  • Travel

This feature helps you know where your Comoros are traveling and also allows you to meet them.

  • Hunqz

This is a male escort service provided by PlanetRomeo. It runs based on per hour or overnight. The members of PlanetRomeo who offer this service are also members of hung, and by the sign on this profile, you can identify them.

  • Guycandy

A unique feature to categorize men based on their profile pictures, i.e., their physical appearance. There are seven categories, namely.

  1. Gents who are matured and have experience in dating.
  2. Bears, who have heard face or chest.
  3. Bananas, who intentionally highlight their private parts to attract dates.
  4. Twinks, who are young, gentle, and cute looking.
  5. Muscles, who have ripped bodies. Profiles that make you want to grind.
  6. Apples, members who love to display their bottoms on profile pictures.
  7. Jocks, who have uncontrolled sex appeal.

PlanetRomeo promptly manages instant messages, calls, etc.. This instant messaging feature is called Romeo Message, which is available on the right side of the web page for convenience.

The colors of the app are in different hues of blue. The graphics, colors, design, organization of features, the bold letters is all fun yet organized, which makes it most appealing for the youngsters.


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