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Petrol Price Today: What is the status of petrol-diesel today?

Petrol Price Today: There is no change in the price of petrol and diesel even on the 18th day today. The general public got some relief from expensive petrol and diesel after April 15.

Mumbai: Petrol Price Today: On the 18th day, there was no change in the price of petrol and diesel. The general public got some relief from expensive petrol and diesel after April 15. For the first 15 days in a row, there has been no change in prices, no rise in oil prices, so at least May has not started with rising oil prices. Petrol and diesel prices were reduced three times in April and March. International crude oil prices had risen. Crude oil is still above 66 66 a barrel.

Three-fold rate cuts in March
The last change in petrol and diesel prices before April 15 was on March 30, 2021. In Delhi, petrol became cheaper by 22 paise and diesel by 23 paise. In March, petrol became cheaper by 61 paise and diesel by 60 paise. Petrol and diesel prices were cut three times in March. The biggest reason for this is the weakness of crude oil in the global market.

In many cities, petrol is above Rs 100
The last few weeks have seen a decline in crude oil prices. The price of crude oil has dropped from 71 71 per barrel to below 1 61 per barrel. But now it is on the rise again. Petrol and diesel were 16 times more expensive in February. However, petrol and diesel prices are still at record highs. In Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar, petrol is still above Rs 100, here it is Rs 100.89 per liter, while in Madhya Pradesh’s Anuppur it is Rs 100.79 per liter. In Nagarabandh, Madhya Pradesh, petrol is available at Rs 101.29. Petrol in Rewa in Madhya Pradesh is Rs 100.46 per liter, while in Chhindwara it is Rs 100.11 per liter.

Petrol and diesel prices stable
Petrol in Delhi today per liter. At Rs 90.40, petrol is being sold at Rs 96.83 per liter in Mumbai. Petrol is being sold at Rs 90.62 per liter in Kolkata and Rs 92.43 in Chennai.

Petrol price in 4 metro cities

City Yesterday’s Rate Today’s Rate

Delhi 90.40 90.40

Mumbai 96.83 96.83

Kolkata 90.62 90.62

Chennai 92.43 92.43

Fire to petrol and diesel in 2021
Petrol-diesel prices have come down three times in March and once in April, but earlier in February petrol-diesel prices were increased 16 times. It was earlier increased tenfold in January. Petrol price has been hiked by Rs 2.59 per liter and diesel by Rs 2.61 per liter. So far in 2021, oil prices have risen by 26 days. At present, petrol is priced at Rs 6.69 per liter. On January 1, petrol was priced at Rs 83.71, today it is Rs 90.40 per liter. Similarly, diesel has gone up by Rs 6.86 per liter from January 1 to date. On January 1, the price of diesel in Delhi was Rs 73.87 per liter, today it is Rs 80.73.

Petrol expensive by Rs 21 in 1 year
Compared to today’s prices, the price of petrol in Delhi on May 3, 2020 was Rs 69.59 per liter, which means that petrol has gone up by Rs 20.81 per liter a year. On May 3, 2020, diesel was also priced at Rs 62.29 per liter, which means diesel has also gone up by Rs 18.44 in a year. Let me tell you that crude oil was less than डॉलर 30 a barrel during this period a year ago.

Although there has been no change in prices for the last 18 days, diesel prices have skyrocketed. Diesel is priced at Rs 87.81 in Mumbai, Rs 80.73 in Delhi, Rs 83.61 in Kolkata and diesel in Chennai. 85.75. Diesel The most expensive diesel in Delhi was sold in the last week of July last year, when per liter. The price of petrol was Rs 81.94 per liter and Rs 80.43 per liter. This means that diesel was more expensive than petrol at that time.

Diesel rates in 4 metro cities
City Yesterday’s Rate Today’s Rate

Delhi 80.73 80.73

Mumbai 87.81 87.81

Kolkata 83.61 83.61

Chennai 85.75 85.75


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