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Petrol Diesel Price: Big blow to common man’s pocket, big price hike

How do ordinary people want to live?

Mumbai: Rising inflation is becoming a major crisis for the common man. The kitchen budget has completely collapsed. Today, oil companies have once again increased petrol prices. Diesel prices, however, have remained stable today.

International crude oil prices have risen sharply today. Oil companies have hiked petrol and diesel prices. Today, petrol prices have been hiked by 30 paise per liter in four major metros. After this, petrol in the capital Delhi has gone up by Rs 101.84 per liter. Diesel is priced at Rs 97.45.

Petrol prices are rising every day in Mumbai. Today, the price of petrol is Rs 107.87 per liter, an increase of about 30 paise over yesterday’s price. As a result, the budget of the common man has collapsed. Local trains are a band for the common man, so they have to rely on road transport to get to work, and the ever-increasing number of petrol in it has broken the backbone of the common man.

Gasoline prices have risen nine times so far in July. Diesel is 5 times more expensive and once cheaper. Prior to this, petrol and diesel prices have gone up by 16 times in June and May. Petrol-diesel prices have been on the rise since May 4. So far, petrol has gone up by Rs 11.44 and diesel by Rs 09.14.

Petrol-Diesel Price on 17 July 2021
Delhi: Petrol at Rs 101.84 and diesel at Rs 89.87 per liter
Mumbai: Petrol at Rs 107.83 and diesel at Rs 97.45 per liter
Chennai: Petrol at Rs 102.49 and diesel at Rs 94.39 per liter
Kolkata – Petrol at Rs 102.08 and diesel at Rs 93.02 per liter

Rates in other cities
Bangalore – Petrol at Rs 105.25 and diesel at Rs 95.26 per liter
Patna: Petrol at Rs 104.57 and diesel at Rs 95.81 per liter
Bhopal: Petrol at Rs 110.25 and diesel at Rs 98.67 per liter
Jaipur: Petrol at Rs 108.71 and diesel at Rs 99.02 per liter
Gurugram – Petrol at Rs 99.46 and diesel at Rs 90.47 per liter
Pune – Petrol at Rs 107.10 and diesel at Rs 95.54 per liter
Nagpur: Petrol at Rs 107.20 and diesel at Rs 95.76 per liter
Nashik: Petrol at Rs 107.50 and diesel at Rs 96.23 per liter


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