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People are out of mood because of me, I’m out of the world myself ‘, says young man commits suicide with WhatsApp status

If people’s minds are dominated, then in the heads of some … What exactly happens in the heads while committing suicide?

Jalgaon: A youth from Sadguru Nagar near Ayodhya committed suicide by hanging himself around midnight. Hershal Premnath Mahajan is the name of the youth who committed suicide (Jalgaon Man Suicide) I lost people’s mood, I lost myself in the world, I made my short life journey very nice, I ruled people’s minds, I do not consider anyone responsible for my death. (Shocking! 29 Years old man commits suicide after his wife leaves Home) This is the subject he has committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence in Sadguru Nagar, Ayodhya.

It is learned that Hershal Premnath Mahajan (29, living in Sadguru Nagar, near Ayodhya Nagar, Jalgaon) lives with his young parents, wife and brother. He works for a private company and lives in a joint family. Hershal Mahajan slept with his parents at 10 pm yesterday. In the middle of the night, while everyone was asleep in the house, Herschel committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope. Around 3.30 am, father Premnath Eknath Mahajan found out that his son had committed suicide. Seeing the boy’s body, the family broke into the house.

A sudden death has been reported at the MIDC police station in the case. Herschel posted the status on WhatsApp at 2:22 a.m. on his mobile before committing suicide. People are off the mood because of me but I am getting off the world myself. I made the journey of my short life very nice. Dominated in the minds of the people and in the heads of some, and got good friends and family, my parents are the most beautiful God in the world. Herschel said goodbye to the world, praying to God that the next birth would be born in his womb, and I don’t hold anyone responsible for this, and I apologize if anyone has been wronged. The matter came to light when the police checked his mobile phone after his suicide.


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