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Parents’ argument took the lives of unborn children

Husband-wife quarrel, children lost their lives

This morning at Pimpali in Baramati taluka, it was realized that an act done out of momentary rage would cost one’s life. After a quarrel between the husband and wife, the two spouses who went to commit suicide ended in an unfortunate situation and the mother survived.

Atul Suryavanshi and Anjali Suryavanshi from Pimpali in Baramati taluka (resident of Pimpali, Tal. Baramati) had an argument last night. The dispute was later settled. But in the morning, out of anger, Anjali Suryavanshi decided to commit suicide in the water of the creek at Pimpali. At about three in the morning, she was so angry that she rushed to the water with the two children. After she and her children jumped into the water, an employee of a neighboring milk dairy jumped into the water and pulled all three out.

The three were taken to Silver Jubilee Hospital in the city for treatment. Doctors here declared the two children dead. The woman is undergoing treatment at the Silver Jubilee Hospital. Baramati city police has registered an accidental death in the case. Today, the two chimpanzees ended with a momentary anger. The bodies of the two were brought to Silver Jubilee Hospital for autopsy. Further investigation is being conducted by Baramati police inspector Namdev Shinde.


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