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Oxygen project set up in 18 days for coronary artery disease patients

A project to absorb oxygen from the air in just 18 days

Jalna: At present, there is a severe shortage of oxygen for patients undergoing corona treatment across the state. In such a situation, the steel company Jalna Steel has set up a project to absorb oxygen from the air in just 18 days, showing social responsibility for coronary heart disease patients.

The project produces 300 cylinders of oxygen per day and out of the 300 cylinders produced, 250 cylinders are given free to the needy corona affected patients. The administration had appealed to Steel Steel to set up an oxygen project. The company set up the project just 18 days later.

Out of the 300 cylinders produced daily, the company needs only 50 oxygen cylinders. The 250 cylinders are being supplied free of cost to corona patients undergoing treatment at private and government hospitals in the district.

A relative or acquaintance of the patient who needs oxygen is required to bring the certificate of the doctor of the concerned hospital to the company. Immediately after that, the company provides free supply of oxygen cylinders to the patients. The initiative taken by Steel Steel for the patients suffering from corona is being appreciated everywhere.


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