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Overcrowded Nadala, Euro Cup 2021 Victory Celebration Four Fold Corona Patients in Italy

In the joy of victory the citizens forgot the Corona rules.

Italy: In Italy, Corona has once again raised its head. A large number of corona patients are being diagnosed. According to health experts, the sudden increase in the number of patients is due to the war celebrations held after winning the European Championship (Euro Cup). Italy won the Euro Cup on July 12. This victory was followed by a vigorous celebration all over the country. The joy of victory did not go unnoticed by the citizens of Italy. They celebrated coming to the streets. A large rally was also held to welcome the winning team. The rules of the corona were torn during this celebration. So for the past few days, Corona patients have been registered in Italy. (Celebrations of Euro Cup 2021 spoiled the situation in Italy Daily Cases of Covid increased almost 4 times)

Rapid increase in the number of patients

It’s been a week since this triumphant celebration. After this, the effect is now visible. Corona patients are found in large numbers in Rome, Lazio, Milan and other places. The highest number of patients was recorded in Lazio on Saturday. According to reports, on July 1, 879 patients were found in Italy. The same figure was found on July 18, 127 thousand patients. Overall the corona exploded.

Coronation rules

With great enthusiasm, the players rallied from the open bus. Many people were following this bus with their vehicles as well as on foot. During this time many forgot the social distance. It is because of this rally that a large number of corona patients are now found in Italy. So Italy is now said to be in danger of a third wave of corona.


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