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Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during coronary artery disease

The number of coronavirus infections is increasing in the state as the coronavirus is increasing day by day. So there is concern.

Mumbai / Kalyan: As the coronavirus outbreak is increasing day by day in the state, the state government has imposed a strict curfew by imposing 144 lotuses. The government has begun taking steps to break the chain of corona. However, the number of corona infections is increasing. So there is concern. The number of corona patients is increasing in the suburbs including Mumbai. This shows that beds are not available in many places (No Empty beds in hospital). The situation has worsened in Kalyan. Since there are no beds in the hospital verandah, it is time to apply oxygen treatment (No Empty beds in hospital, oxygen treatment on verandah). (Outbreak of corona in Kalyan-Dombavali)

The shocking type at Rukminibai Hospital in Kalyan has come to the fore. Patients are suffering due to lack of beds. Patients are being treated with oxygen on the verandah of the hospital. As the number of corona patients in Kalyan and Dombivali is increasing day by day, it has become difficult for patients to get beds in the hospital.

All the beds at Rukminibai Hospital and Kovid Center of the municipality have been filled. Since the bed was not down, it was time to give oxygen to the patient on the veranda of the hospital. Therefore, the situation in Kalyan Dembivali seems to be getting very serious.

In this regard, Commissioner Dr. The suspected patients are being treated by Vijay Suryavanshi before the report is received. Who need oxygen. They are being given oxygen. The task force will meet tomorrow to discuss the importance of saving the lives of patients. He said that the availability of injections, beds and oxygen would be reviewed by contacting a private hospital through Webinor.


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