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Once again, the corona virus has changed form, a new form of ‘triple mutation’ in Britain.

Discussions of a triple mutation of the corona have begun in Britain

Britain: People in many countries are facing a new wave of corona. More and more people are being affected by this new and rapidly spreading infection of the corona. A few days ago, it was revealed that the first variant of the Corona in Britain had a severe effect. But with the help of lockdowns and vaccinations, the situation has been brought under control. But now a new threat is looming in Britain.

Discussions of the triple mutation of the corona have begun in Britain. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the triple mutant corona virus type was first found in Yorkshire. Scientists are studying this. That being said, this new type is more dangerous and contagious than previous forms of corona.

New type – VUI-21MAY-01
According to media reports, Public Health England said on Friday that Corona’s new strain is named VUI-21MAY-01, which was first revealed in April. There have been several cases of VUI-21MAY-01 across the country. So far 49 cases of new strain have been found in Yorkshire and Humber.

Germany bans British travelers
German ministers have said they will not hesitate to take drastic steps to prevent the spread of new cases. Following the news of the new variant, Germany has banned people from entering their country from Britain. Under the new rules, from midnight on Sunday, May 23, people traveling from Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Germany can only enter the country if they are German citizens or residents.

In Britain, the corona killed 6 people in 28 days. The first vaccination campaign launched in the country has given 37.73 million people the first dose of the vaccine till May 21. At the same time, 22.07 million people have been vaccinated with both vaccines.


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