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Olympic gold: Single or Mingle, Neeraj himself stated his relationship status

In the end, whatever it is, it applies to Neeraj …

Olympic gold: The performance of Indian athletes in the Olympics this year caught the attention of the whole world. In the world of sports, Indian players received a pat on the back. Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra also fulfilled his dream of winning a gold medal for the country in the Olympics.

Neeraj’s golden performance at the very end of the Olympics raised the country’s profile. Therefore, many people reacted in the same way, ‘Ant bhala to sab bhala’. He became the first athlete to lead the country to a gold medal in athletics and the record was set in his name. After shooter Abhinav Bindra, he became the first athlete in the country to win an Olympic gold medal at the individual level.

Neeraj’s name is being discussed on social media, in the streets and in homes. The number of his followers on social media has also increased rapidly. Not only that, but Neeraj’s unique prediction is also having an effect on many female fans. Many people are searching for information about him on social media. Peeking into his private life, many people are curious about whether there is a ‘she’ in Neeraj’s life, what is his relationship status.

Neeraj is single, but …
Neeraj Chopra is the only one who has answered the question whether we are single or Mingal. We are single, but he has made it very clear that he will at least focus on the game in the next few years. So, Girls, Better luck next time.

Who inspired Shah Rukh Khan or Ishant Hairstyle? Gold medal winner Neeraj Chopra says …

When asked about his girlfriend, Neeraj said …
‘After all this, my focus right now is on the game. There is no one in my life right now. It is a great thing that I love you all. The overall goal is to host the Asian Games, the World Championships and then some more competitions and then the Olympics. So I want to stay focused on my game. ‘


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