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Oh my god … at the age of 21 there was a ‘virginity party’, I had to be topless

Oh my gosh … at the age of 21 there was a ‘virginity party’, I had to be topless

Proof of being a virgin has to be given to the girls in this party

Africa: Each country has its own characteristics and traditions. The customs of such an African country attract the attention of all. One such tradition is among the Zulu tribes of South Africa. The Zulu tribe of South Africa has a unique custom called Umemulo. In this very old tradition, girls have to prove their virginity. A special event was being organized at this time. Moreover, if the girl is a virgin, the festival is celebrated.

Girls from the Zulu tribe in South Africa have to remain virgins until the age of 21. When the girl was 21 years old. Then a party is being organized by the family. It celebrates the virginity of the girl. Invitations are sent to relatives from the family at this party.

Before the party starts, the animal is sacrificed in honor of the girl. The girl’s body was then covered with the animal’s skin. This time the girl gets huge gifts. “I had to follow this tradition,” said Thembala, a Zulu woman, in an article in Vice India. My family members started preparing for it six months before I turned 21. ‘

She further said, ‘My mother confirmed whether I am really a virgin or not. I wanted to be topless in traditional dress. ‘ In this very old tradition, the girl had to follow the rites. The girl is honored for not having sex before marriage. This makes the family proud of the girl.


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