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Of course, Indians will have to pay the highest fine for this

The incident happened with a woman named Diamond Robinson from America. Diamond Robinson lives on Eastpoint on Cushing Street

Washington: There are always strange things happening in our world. Which is sometimes hard for you to believe. An incident has taken place in America which will surprise you. If such an incident happens in India, each of us will have to pay a fine to the police. Because it’s such a costly thing, you should never have thought it could be fined.

The incident happened with a woman named Diamond Robinson from America. Diamond Robinson, who lives in Eastpoint on Cushing Street, has been fined 5 385 (about Rs 27,000) by police for speaking out on the phone.

The woman was talking loudly on the phone at her home. While talking on the phone, she was going up and down. Meanwhile, a woman next door told her to put down her phone and stop going up and down. But Robinson heard nothing. The woman then asked her to speak slowly. Robinson then told the woman to get out of my sight.

Police arrived at Robinson’s home shortly after the incident. “It’s not my fault, but if you’re bothering me, I’ll share all these conversations on Facebook Live, so that people can understand the truth,” Robinson told police. And she started live. But police still handed her a receipt for a 38 385 fine. In this live, she says that she got the receipt for talking on the phone and the receipt was torn by the police because they say that I have harassed the people around me.

Robinson went on to say that she was talking in her own home, not to bother the people around her. Robinson later said she was targeted because she was black in color. The woman who called the police has been living next door to her for a few weeks. After all this, Robinson asked the woman, “What exactly is bothering me?” But the woman did not answer. But after all this, this woman’s live went viral and people all over America started talking about it.


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