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Now make money through the roof of the house, there will be big profits from the first month; Learn how?

During the Corona Era, you can earn thousands of rupees a month without going out. Just for …

Mumbai: In the Corona Era, you can earn thousands of rupees a month without going out. All you have to do is work on the roof of your house. Yes, if the roof of your house is also down, you can earn money by renting. Let’s learn how …

  1. Make money by installing solar panel
    You can also do business by installing a solar plant on your roof. This can not only save your electricity bill, but also save a lot of money. Nowadays the government is also promoting this business. Yes, for that you have to make an initial investment.
  2. Earn from terrace farming
    You can also make money through Terrace Farming (Green House). For this, a greenhouse has to be built on the roof of the building. Vegetable seedlings can be planted in polybags and irrigated continuously through a drip system, but this requires special care.
  3. Get paid by installing mobile towers
    If the roof of your building is down, you can rent it to mobile companies. You are paid a monthly stipend by the company after installing the mobile tower. For this you have to get the permission of the local corporation. For this, advertisements appear in daily newspapers and one can apply online to install the tower.
  4. Make money by erecting hoardings
    If your building is in a place that is easily visible from a distance or on the main road, you can get a good amount by getting hoardings on your roof. Every city has such advertising agencies. Who do outdoor advertising. You can contact this agency, they put up hoardings on your roof after getting all kinds of approvals. The rent of hoardings is decided on the basis of the location of the property


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