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New Scheme: 5000 if you want to make a lot of money Keep Rs ready, this scheme starts from 9th July

Mutual Fund New Scheme: This is an opportunity if you are looking for a new investment option.

Mumbai: Mutual Fund New Scheme: If you are looking for a new investment option, this is the opportunity. PGIM India Mutual Fund has announced the launch of PGIM India Small Cap Fund. This NFO membership will open on 9 July 2021 and close on 23 July 2021. The benchmark index of the fund is Nifty Small Cap 100 Total Return Index. The objective of the scheme is to achieve high returns in the long run by investing primarily in equities and equity related instruments of small cap companies.

Minimum investment of Rs.5000
A minimum investment of Rs 5,000 is required in PGIM India Small Cap Fund. An additional purchase of Rs 1 after this will also be up to a minimum of Rs 1000 and can then be invested in multiples of Rs 1. If you want to do a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you can invest a minimum of Rs.1000 for monthly or quarterly SIP in 5 installments and then multiply by 1. For monthly and quarterly SIPs, the SIP top up will be a minimum of Rs 100 and then multiplied by 1.

65 per cent on smallcap
At least 65% of the investors in PGIM India Mutual Fund will invest in smallcap stocks. In addition, the scheme will also invest in equity-related instruments and foreign stocks. A separate portion of the portfolio will be managed by 3 fund managers. The funds will be managed by Aniruddha Naha (for equity investments), Kumaresh Ramakrishnan (for debt and money market investments) and Ravi Adukia (for foreign investments).

Smallcap companies will do better
Ajit Menon, Chief Executive Officer, PGIM India Mutual Fund, says that small caps have the potential to build a massive corpus in the long run. In the present era, the economy is getting back on track and the demand is increasing. This will also benefit small cap companies. Along with improving economic data, corporate profits of small cap companies are also expected to improve. The purpose of launching the new fund is to provide investors with opportunities to invest in a variety of businesses such as construction, textiles, real estate, chemicals and agrochemicals, industry, paper. Strong growth is expected going forward in this area.


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