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Mumbaikars’ wait is over; The local will start in three phases soon

Who will be allowed to travel by local …

Mumbai: The local corona, which is the lifeline of Mumbaikars, has been closed to the public since last year. So Mumbaikar is waiting to see when the local will run again for the common man. There are indications that such locals will start soon. But not everyone will be able to travel by local, but it is being informed that local will be started for all in stages. Locals are expected to enter the service of Mumbaikars after the monsoon session. Mumbaikars will get huge relief after the launch of Lokal.

Mumbaikars awaiting a ride on the Mumbai local are likely to get some relief next week. Three phases are being prepared for local travel and there are indications that women and disabled passengers will soon be allowed to travel by local. Sources said that local services will be started for all after the monsoon session.

The threat of a third wave and the crowds in the locality have led to repeated fears of the spread of corona infection. It is understood that the administration has started the process of allowing local travel in three phases with utmost vigilance. The first phase is likely to be for women and disabled passengers, the second for men under the age of 50 and the third for all.


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