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Mumbai Unlock | Mumbai Municipal Corporation rules announced, what started,What’s off

All these rules will be implemented from June 7.

Mumbai: Corona has been gaining momentum in the state for the past few weeks. There has been a steady decline in the number of patients. Against this backdrop, the state government has started the process of unlocking the state according to Break The Chain. The state will be unlocked in a total of 5 phases. Mumbai Municipal Corporation is in the third phase. Meanwhile, Mumbai Municipal Corporation (Mumbai Unlock) has announced new rules. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has relaxed many restrictions in these regulations. All these rules will be implemented from June 7. (Mumbai Municipal Corporation has announced new rules as per break the chain)

What started what stopped?

According to the new rules, shops in Mumbai and other essential services will be open from Monday to Friday from morning till 4 pm. All shops will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays except for essential services. Hotels are allowed to start at 50 per cent capacity. Accordingly, the hotels will be open till 4 pm. After this, home delivery service will be available as usual.

In public parks, grounds will be open from 5 to 9 p.m. Private offices are allowed to start at 50 per cent capacity. Public events are permitted with a 50 percent attendance requirement. However, this permission will be valid only till 4 p.m. 50 people have been allowed for the wedding ceremony and 20 for the funeral.

What about local railways?

Under the new rules, the general public will not have access to Mumbai Local. As before, only essential service personnel will be able to travel by train. So everyone will have to wait even longer for local travel


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