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Mumbai Local: How to get local QR code? What do you have to do for that?

QR code is required to get a local ticket, how to get it, what are the 3 ways to get it? Read detailed

Mumbai: Those who have taken 2 doses of Corona vaccine will be allowed to travel on Mumbai Suburban Local from August 15. But if these people want to get a monthly train pass or a ticket, they have to get a QR code first. You may be wondering how to get it. So find out more about it.

Mumbai local, which was disrupted due to corona and lockdown, will run again for the general public from August 15. But only those who have taken two doses of the vaccine are allowed to travel locally. By making the QR code mandatory in it, I am going to have a hard time getting it. This QR code can be obtained in three ways.

QR codes can be obtained online

Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Railways will launch a mobile app in the next 2 days. With the help of this app you can get QR codes online. After uploading the certificate of taking 2 doses of vaccine and photo ID on this app, you will get the QR code. It is learned that this QR code will be displayed on the ticket window of the railway station to get a pass or a ticket.

Get offline
You have to go to the ward office of Mumbai Municipal Corporation to get it offline. The QR code can be obtained by showing two doses of vaccine and photo ID. You can get a pass or a ticket by showing this QR code on the train ticket window.

The third method is to get the QR code at the train station
The facility will be available at 65 railway stations in the MMR area. The QR code will be given by showing the certificate of taking two doses of vaccine and photo identity card.

In particular, in the near future, the idea is to make the certificate of taking two vaccines mandatory for admission in places like restaurants, gyms and swimming pools. The QR code generated for the railway pass is likely to be used for access here.
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