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More than 19,000 AstraZeneca vaccines were fired

You will be shocked to hear that. A total of 19,610 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine developed against covid-19 in the African country of Malawi were wasted on Wednesday.

Malawi: Vaccination is being carried out in large numbers around the world to prevent coronavirus infection. Some countries have a large number of vaccines available, while some countries do not have as many as half the population. There is a news that you will be shocked to hear. A total of 19,610 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, developed against covid-19 in the African country of Malawi, were wasted on Wednesday. The vaccine expired a few days ago.

AstraZeneca has been declared safe by both the African Union (AU) and the World Health Organization (WHO). John Nekengsong, director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), told a news conference that the AU and WHO initiative had made 1.2 million vaccines available in Africa on March 26.

But the vaccine expired on April 13. That is, they had only three weeks to use in Africa (Malawi Destroys COVID Vaccine). More than 80 per cent of the vaccines were delivered from Malawi to different places.

The vaccine can be used until July 13, a press conference held late last month said. The WHO had earlier said that the vaccines donated to African countries should not be wasted.

But the Malawi government refused to give the vaccine to its citizens. “We are destroying these vaccines under government policy because expired vaccines cannot be used,” he said.

All vaccines were ignited
The government then set the vaccines on fire in a red plastic bag. SII has not yet made any statement in the matter. Earlier, South Sudan had given A.U. The 59,000 vaccines received from were set aside and not used because the vaccine had expired.

Malawi’s health ministry says 3,35,232 vaccines have been administered in the country as of May 18. A total of 34,231 cases and 1,153 deaths have been reported in Corona.


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