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Millions of rupees on cricketers, but women hockey players are ignored, you decide by looking at these photos

Ignoring the female hockey player who is raising the profile of India, you will also get angry seeing the poor condition of the house

Mumbai: The Indian women’s hockey team narrowly missed out on a medal at the Tokyo Olympics. In the bronze medal match, England defeated India 4-3. Although India did not win a medal, the whole country is praising the spirit and performance of the women players. This is considered to be the highest performance in the history of Indian women’s hockey to date. Indian women’s hockey players made history by reaching the semi-finals.

Many players in the Indian women’s hockey team have made their mark with great difficulty. Most of them belong to this middle class group. There are some who have struggled to make ends meet. Similarly, a photo of a female athlete’s house went viral on social media and sports fans became emotional.

ANI shared some photos on Twitter, and the caption reads, “These photos are of the house of hockey player Salima Tete from Badki Chhapar village in Simdega district of Jharkhand.” Salima is part of the Indian women’s hockey team, which fought for the team to win a medal at the Olympics.

Sports fans across the country were moved to see these photos that went viral on social media. A user has tagged this photo to Prime Minister Modi and said, “Look at the palace of the girl who made the country proud in the Olympics”. Many have lamented the plight of the players after seeing Salima’s house.

Salima’s parents and sister could not even watch her game as there was no TV at home. The Simdega district administration installed a smart TV and set-top box at Salima’s home so that family members could watch the women’s hockey match at the Tokyo Olympics.

Looking at the condition of Salima’s house and village, we can imagine what she had to face and how she made progress on the strength of her hard work and ability.

But the performance of the Indian women’s hockey team in overcoming all these problems is really commendable. That is why the Jigarbar game played by the Indian women’s team is being appreciated everywhere.
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