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Maharashtra Corona | Coronamukta number increased, how many positive in a day?

Corona patients in the state are under control. But the concern is still there.

Mumbai: The number of corona positive patients in Maharashtra has been consistently less than 9,000 for the last few days. However, corona is still widespread in some districts of the state. This has raised some concerns of the state. Today (July 16), less than 8,000 patients were registered in the state during the day. A total of 7,761 new patients have been diagnosed in 24 hours. (in maharashtra today 16 july 7 thousand 761 corona patients found)

A total of 13,452 patients in the state have been released from corona. In the last few days, the number of victims was higher than the number of coronaries. But today, more patients have been relieved of coronary heart disease. So far, a total of 59 lakh 65 thousand 644 infected patients have recovered and returned home in the state.
The cure rate in Maharashtra is 96.27%.

How many people died?

The corona has killed 167 people in the last 24 hours. The state’s mortality rate is now 2.04%. 5 lakh 85 thousand 967 persons in the state are homequartered. 4 thousand 576 persons are institutional.

Number of patients in Mumbai

The number of corona patients in Mumbai seems to have declined again. A total of 446 patients were registered in Mumbai during the day. 470 people were released from coronation. So far, 705,234 people have been released from coronation in Mumbai. Mumbai’s recovery rate is as high as 96 per cent. There are now a total of 6,973 active patients in Mumbai.


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