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LIC Scheme: Deposit just Rs 121, LIC is paying Rs 27 lakh for daughter’s wedding ‘

LIC Kanyadan Policy: After taking LIC Kanyadan Policy, you can be free from the worries of daughter marriage. Let us know about it.

New Delhi: If you also have a daughter Rani then there is good news for you. LIC has come up with a new scheme- LIC Kanyadan Policy. After taking this policy, you can get rid of the worries of daughter marriage. This policy (LIC Kanyadan Policy Benefits) has been introduced only for the marriage of special daughters. So let us know everything about this policy.

LIC Scheme: Deposit just Rs 121, LIC is paying Rs 27 lakh for daughter's wedding '
LIC Scheme: Deposit just Rs 121, LIC is paying Rs 27 lakh for daughter’s wedding ‘

These are the required documents
To fill up the form for this policy (LIC Kanyadan Policy Eligibility) you will need AADHAAR card, income certificate, identity card, proof of address and passport size photo. In addition a signed application form and a check or cash for the first premium as well as a birth certificate must be submitted.

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Who can take the policy?
This policy (LIC Kanyadan Policy Maturity) can be taken for 13 years instead of 25 years. Apart from marriage, this money can also be used for daughter’s education. All in all, you can get rid of the worries of your daughter’s education and her marriage with this policy.

Policy deadline
If you want to take policy for your daughter (LIC Kanyadan Policy In Hindi) then you must be at least 30 years old, daughter must be at least 1 year old. This policy is for 25 years, but the premium is to be paid only for 22 years. No premium has to be paid for the remaining 3 years. But it is also worth noting that the tenure of this policy can also be reduced according to the age of the daughter.

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Death benefits will also be available
If the policyholder dies (LIC Kanyadan Policy Death Benefits) while taking the policy, his family will not have to pay premium. If the death is accidental then the family will get a lump sum of Rs. 10 lakhs. If death has occurred under normal circumstances, Rs. 5 lakhs will be given. The family will also get Rs. 50,000 every year till maturity. That is, this plan also includes Death Benefit. An amount of Rs. 27 lakhs will be given to the nominee after 25 years.

Here are its premiums
In this policy you have to pay a daily premium of Rs. 121 i.e. around Rs. 3600 per month. You can also take a policy at a lower premium if you wish. But it will also reduce the amount received. If you invest Rs 121 daily, you will get Rs 27 lakh after 25 years.


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