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Laptops make US presidents dance; 18 lakh sent to call girl

The shocking revelation came after assuming the presidency

Mumbai: A shocking piece of information has come to light about the son of the current US President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden had spent the night in a hotel in 2018 with a prostitute. Unknowingly, the money was to be paid by Hunter’s father, the current president of the United States. (Joe Biden accidentally paid prostitute 000 25000 for son Hunter) is claimed by the New York Post of America.

According to a New York Post report, Hunter unknowingly did something after spending the night with a call girl at the Chetto Marmont Hotel in Hollywood in 2018. Hunter paid the call girl 18 18 million from Joe Biden’s account.

Hunter Biden’s laptop contains many messages, photos and transaction information. According to reports, Hunter Biden used the laptop as a diary. It includes Hunter’s emails, many chats, financial records and many selfies of his own. A year later, Hunter sent his laptop in disrepair. This information has been received at that time.

According to reports, in May 2018, Hunter spent time with a call girl during a trip. Hunter chose the woman of ‘Russia and green eyes’ from the site ‘Emerald Fantasy Girls’ to his liking. He spent the night with a woman named Yana.

Hunter’s behavior angered his father, Joe Biden. Joe Biden has paid 25 25,000, or about Rs 18 lakh, from his account. The shocking thing was that Hunter was texting the woman by giving her a fake name. Hunter interacted with the call girl under the name ‘Rob’.

The important thing is that Hunter lost control of himself by drinking too much alcohol. The woman was photographed making pornographic videos. The call girl woke up in the morning to find that the money was not going to be paid to her from Joe Biden’s account. This time the money was paid in stages. The woman was happy to see so much money in the account. All this evidence in a laptop


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