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KFC success story | The industry started at the age of 65, though not twice but failed 1009 times; Today thousands of stores in 150 countries

At the age when people retire, a person has started a big business. That person is Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Mumbai: There are very few instances where a person works hard for his goal in life but he has failed not once or twice but 1009 times. But not everyone is ready to stand up for their cause with the same strength despite past failures. But there is also a personality in the world who, at the age when people retire, has started a big business. That person is Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Became a cook at the age of 7
Colonel Haraland Saders was born in 1890 in Indiana, USA. His father died when he was 6 years old. Sanders’ mother was working in a factory because the financial situation at home was fragile. Saders was taking care of his siblings at the time. At the age of 12, his mother remarried. But since he did not get along with his stepfather, he used to stay with his aunt. He was working in a field. He dropped out of school when he was 7th.

Many works throughout life
Sanders did many great things throughout his life. He had also enlisted in the army. But they were removed from there. He then worked in the railways for some time. Married at age 19. Eventually, due to some disputes, he had to quit his job in the railways. At that moment, his wife left with the children.
After that he did a lot of work like selling tires, sailing.

Saders first bought a gas station in Corbin in 1930. There he started a restaurant at the urging of travelers. They started selling many chicken related items. The restaurant began to receive a large response from customers. They started earning heavily. Once the governor of Kentucky came to his restaurant in 1950, he loved the cedars’ hand-made chicken. So he gave Sanders the title of Colonel. Saders then came to be known as Colonel Sanders.

The restaurant closed
Work began on the highway from where Sanders’s restaurant was. And their restaurant was broken into. He then decided to sell his recipe to another restaurant and make a profit from it. He visited many restaurants and hotels and showed his recipe. But 1009 times their deal failed. Then they said yes. And the journey of KFC began.

KFC started in the 65th year
That’s how he started selling his recipe to a restaurant. They used to send packets of spices for that. So their recipe remained secret. And their excellent taste was attracting customers. This is where KFC became famous. In October 1963, John Y. Browse Jr., a lawyer, and Jack C. Massey, a businessman, met with Saders and expressed interest in buying KFC’s rights. Initially, he refused. But then he sold KFC in January 1965 for 2 million.

Under the deal, it was decided that the Kentucky Fried Chicken Company would build its own restaurant worldwide and would never compromise on quality. A deal was also struck to pay Saders a lifetime salary of 40,000. His salary was later increased to हजार 75,000. The company then moved on to several companies such as Reynolds and PepsiCo. The company is currently owned by Yum Brands Inc.



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