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Is RT-PCR really needed after 14 days of quarantine? The doctor answered

The coverage of the test has also increased as corona cases have increased

New Delhi: As corona cases are on the rise in the country, the scope of testing has also increased. Labs and test centers are crowded with citizens. RT-PCR reports are taking longer than usual. Waiting for a report in such a situation, some people may not be able to start proper treatment. It also has a serious effect on many people who cannot live a normal life due to non-reporting.

Meanwhile, experts have given positive information on this. Patients with mild to moderate infection do not need to undergo RT-PCR testing again after 14 days to confirm corona negative, experts said.

For those with mild symptoms
If a patient with a mild infection does not have a continuous fever for 3 days, he may be discharged for 10 days from the day the symptoms appear.

  • No need to re-test at the time of discharge
  • The patient is advised to isolate himself at home for 7 days and monitor his health.

For those with moderate symptoms
-Patient may be discharged if no symptoms persist for 3 days after 10 days of onset of symptoms.

  • No test is required before discharge
  • The patient is advised to isolate himself at home for 7 days and monitor his health.

In severe cases-
In such cases RT-PCR testing is required. This report is discharged only after the report is negative and the patient is medically cured.

The virus in most mild and asymptomatic corona patients dies on the 7th or 8th day. In this case, it does not spread from one person to another. But the dead virus or its particles are found in RT-PCR testing. This makes the report positive even though the person is infected. Doctor Sandeep Patil said that there is no need to panic in such a situation.


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