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IPL2021: Virender Sehwag happy with ‘Yaa’ player in Rajasthan Royals, says while sharing photos

This player had given victory to Rajasthan Royals in the last round. Sehwag complimented him by sharing photos in a quirky manner.

Mumbai: The Rajasthan Royals team managed to pull off a run-scoring victory against Delhi Capitals. They have won the match against Delhi by 3 wickets. Rajasthan had lost the match against Punjab. However, in the match against Delhi, Rajasthan team has shown its skill. Virender Sehwag is happy with one of the players in the Rajasthan team.

This player has played a big role in the victory of Rajasthan team. So, Sehwag is happy with his performance and tweeted. Sehwag is happy with Chris Morris, the most expensive player in the RR team. He scored 36 off 18 balls to lead the team to victory. Not only that, he also hit 4 fours.
Virender Sehwag has shared photos of Chris Morris from both the matches together and tweeted in a weird way. Storm memes have also been shared by netizens on social media following his tweet.

What did Virender Sehwag say?
Virender Sehwag has always been known for his witty and eloquent style. Describing the situation between Chris Morris in two matches while playing for Rajasthan. On the first photo, he said that he got the money but not the honor. Netizens, on the other hand, should get full respect. Now, memes have also been shared saying that they are worth Rs 16.25 crore.
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