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Instructions to remove all charges from ships bringing oxygen, related equipment to major ports

The government has taken important steps in view of the situation created in the country by Corona. The government has now directed to abolish all the charges levied on the ports by ships carrying oxygen and other related equipment from all major ports.

New Delhi: The government has directed to abolish all the charges levied at the ports by ships carrying oxygen and other related equipment from all major ports. This step has been taken amidst the rapid increase in the cases of Covid-19 infection in the country.

The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways said in a statement on Sunday that it has asked all major ports to prioritize ships bringing medical grade oxygen, oxygen tanks, oxygen bottles, portable oxygen generators and oxygen constructors to Bandargaha.

Remove all charges levied by Major Port Trust

The statement said that in view of the great need of oxygen, Kamarajar Port Ltd. All ports including, have been asked to remove all the charges levied by the major port trusts. These include ship-related fees and storage charges.

The chiefs of the ports have been asked to personally monitor the logistics operations, so that there is no problem in their movement. A senior government official said, “We are facing an emergency due to the second wave of Covid. All major ports are implementing this directive from today. “

Fee will be waived on other proportional basis related to oxygen

The statement said that if there is a corgo other than the same related to oxygen on a ship, it will also be exempted on a proportional basis. The Port Ministry will monitor such vessels, corgo and see how long it took to deliver the cargo to the port gate after the ship enters the port.

The government on Saturday announced abolition of customs duty on import of medical grade oxygen and related equipment along with Covid vaccine. India is currently facing the second wave of Covid epidemic and more than three lakh new cases of infection are coming in daily during the last few days. There is a shortage of medical oxygen and beds in hospitals of various states.


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