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Indorikar Maharaj has suggested a panacea for corona

Keeping a strong mind is also a panacea

Loni: Indorikar i.e. Nivruti Maharaj Deshmukh (Indorikar Maharaj), who is famous for enlightening the society through his kirtan, has suggested panacea on Corona (Covid19). In addition to hand washing, sanitizer and keeping a safe distance during the coronary period, another solution is suggested. Indorikar Maharaj said that keeping a strong mind is also a panacea. He was here today on the occasion of the inauguration of the Covid Care Center, which was started by the Pravara Education Institute at Loni.

At that time, he appealed in his special style speech, ‘Citizens, don’t be afraid’.

Former BJP minister Radhakrishna Vikhe’s Pravara Gramin Shikshan Sanstha has started a four-and-a-half-bed Kovid Center at Loni. It was inaugurated by Kirtankar Indorikar.

Many are dying in the present Corona era. The uneducated, the well-educated have all taken the corona. So many are facing death. But Indorikar Maharaj said not to worry.

There have been many incarnations to this day. But what is humanity in man? He said Corona had to come to show this. How much does anyone care about you? Nivruti Maharaj Deshmukh said that you have to be positive to know this.

I should say that I will not be a corona, rather than that I will not be a corona. I am told that more such businesses will be started at the time of many inaugurations. But after the inauguration of the Corona Center, it should not be time for me to enter here. That is, the time should not come to start another Corona Center, said Indorikar Maharaj.


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