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Indian Railway: Train travel plan suddenly changed? Change the date of travel without canceling the ticket

Sudden change in plan, no problem. A major change in the rules of Indian Railways

Mumbai: Indian Railways often makes reservations for trains but suddenly changes its plan. In this case, we plan to cancel the ticket. It costs you some money. But now the railways have changed the rules. This will give you another option. Now you can also Preponed or Postponed your train journey. Not only that, you can also change your travel destination.

How to change the date?
Passengers can change the place of travel by submitting an application to the boarding station manager or by visiting a computerized reservation center about 24 hours before the departure of the train. This facility is available on tickets booked both online and offline.

You can also change the place of travel
If your journey is extended to the next station. Or if they want to change their location, you can do the same with your ticket. The next trip to the station where the ticket is booked will be. So you can change your travel destination on the ticket. It is important to inform the ticket checking staff before traveling. I want to inform you about the new station.

You can only change the date of travel once
According to Indian Railway’s website, station counter booked tickets can be dated ‘Preponed’ or ‘Postponed’ only once. This includes whether your ticket is confirmed or RAC or waiting. This option is available for any type of ticket. In order to change the date of travel, the passenger has to go to the reservation office and surrender his ticket 48 hours before the departure of the train. This feature is for offline tickets only. This facility is not available for online tickets.

Change the date of the train journey like this
Indian Railways provides various facilities to its passengers. Travel dates may vary on your confirmed / RAC / waiting ticket. According to Indian Railways, you can also ‘Preponed’ or ‘Postponed’ the date and category of the journey.


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