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In the vicinity of Railway Covid; Infecting so many people every day, so far 1952 staff deaths

The whole country is facing the second wave of Coronavirus (Coronavirus 2nd Wave). Now the Kovid epidemic has put Indian Railway employees in a difficult position.

Mumbai: The entire country is facing the second wave of coronavirus (Coronavirus 2nd Wave). Now the covid epidemic has put Indian Railway employees in a difficult position. Informing about this, a senior railway official said that about 1000 employees are getting infected with covid-19 every day. Meanwhile, the railway network is the largest not only in India but also in the world. In which 13 lakh employees work.

1952 Railway workers lost their lives
Coronavirus in Indian Railways 1952 employees have lost their lives so far due to coronavirus infection. Railway Board Chairman Suneet Sharma said, “From March to last year, 1952 railway workers were killed in the Kovid-19 outbreak.”

Infects so many people every day
Every day, 1000 people are infected with covid-19 on the railways. The railways are facing a big blow to covid. Suneet Sharma said, ‘Railways is no different from any other state or region and we have the case of covid-19 before us. We do the transportation and the transportation of goods and people is started. About 1,000 people are infected with covid-19 every day, he said.

4000 railway employees, family hospitalized
Suneet Sharma said, ‘We have our own hospitals and we have increased the number of beds. In addition, oxygen plants have been set up at the railway hospital. We are taking care of our employees. These hospitals currently have 4000 railway employees or their family members admitted. We try to make it better soon.

More than 1 lakh railway employees infected Corona
Shiv Gopal Mishra, general secretary of the All India Railway Federation, said, “More than one lakh railway workers have been infected with the corona virus, out of which about 65,000 workers have recovered and are performing their services.” He said, “Railways is concerned about the safety of all railway employees and has taken all necessary steps to reduce the risk.

Demand for compensation
The Union of Railway Workers All India Railwaymen’s Federation had written a letter to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal a few days back demanding that the families of railway workers who lost their lives while working during the Coronavirus Pandemic should be treated like frontline workers. “Railway workers, like the frontline workers, are now entitled to a compensation of Rs 50 lakh out of the Rs 25 lakh paid to them,” he said in the letter.


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