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In the name of tradition and sex education in this country of the world … the bride is molested by the guests

In fact, this tradition makes women victims of sexual violence.

Mumbai: There are so many castes and religions in the world in which different festivals are celebrated, while some people have different traditions, which we don’t even know about. People in China have a similar tradition of marriage, which will shock you. Because they have a ritual during the marriage, in which the bride and her friend are molested in the name of sex education. So sometimes they are forced to drink alcohol. This tradition, which has been going on for centuries in many parts of China, is now being opposed by women.

This strange Chinese tradition is called ‘Navahun’. In which the bride and sometimes her girlfriend are molested. In this, the girl is sometimes forced to drink alcohol. This is because the practice makes it easier for the bride to be with her husband, and sex education makes it easier for her to be with her husband. But in reality this tradition makes women victims of sexual violence.

As a protest against this strange tradition of China, women have begun to raise their voices against it. As a result, a number of cases have come to light from China in which the bride has entered into a written agreement against this ‘name’ before marriage.

According to a report by whatsonweibo.com, more than 70 percent of those surveyed said the Chinese tradition is shameful, while 5.2 percent said it is a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, so there is no need to think too seriously about it.

Some say that this ritual allows the bride to protest against wrongdoing from the very first day of the wedding.

In China, obscene songs are sung in front of the bride and her friends in the name of sex education at weddings. In which the groom is inspired to be attracted to the body of the bride. For this, sometimes Chinese guests even reach the bride and groom’s bedroom for this.


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