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In Pakistan, an 8-year-old Hindu boy can be sentenced to death

This is the first time in Pakistan that such a minor has been charged with blasphemy.

Islamabad: A Hindu temple was vandalized in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Police have registered a case of defamation against an 8-year-old Hindu boy for this type of vandalism. For the first time in Pakistan’s history, such a minor has been charged with blasphemy. According to the information received, the Pakistani police have arrested the boy and he could be sentenced to death.

The boy had urinated in a madrassa library. After this, the Muslim extremists put pressure on the police to take action. Police arrested the boy and later released him. After the release of the boy, the extremists attacked the Hindu temple and caused great damage to the temple.

The British newspaper The Guardian spoke to the boy’s family. At that time, the family has said that they have made false allegations against their son. Such a young child has no idea what a blasphemy law is, what his crime is, and why he has been imprisoned. We are very scared and we have left our house. The boy’s family has also demanded that the government take concrete steps for the safety of the minorities living here.

This should be the first time in the history of the country that a case of blasphemy has been registered at such a young age. Legal experts have also expressed surprise that a defamation suit has been filed against an eight-year-old boy.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court struck down
Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Supreme Court had slammed officials for failing to protect the temple. Fifty suspects were subsequently arrested. Similarly, repair work of the temple has been started as per the order given by the Supreme Court.


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