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“I used to cry because of the boy’s thoughts … but when I stood up with my rifle, I had to forget everything.”

How did Anjali get a chance at the Olympics?

Mumbai: On-field shooter Anjali Bhagwat was shot dead by accident. Anjali, who is more interested in sports than studies, said that she is very strong
The performance made the journey to the Olympics a success. She is currently working as a coach. The Sydney Olympics begin on the 23rd. India will enter the field with full force. On the same occasion, Nilesh Khare, editor of ‘Zee 24 Hours’ interacted with international shooter Anjali Bhagwat in a special program ‘Marathi Leaders’.

What challenges did players face during the Corona period to practice?
The situation during the Corona era was challenging for every player in the world. Be it an Olympic champion or a novice athlete. This time we are all traveling in the same boat.

You need to practice yoga or free hand to keep yourself fit. If you are in good health, your mental state will be better. Emphasis was placed on virtual practice as it was not possible to practice on the actual shooting range. A lot depends on how we build self-confidence.

What could happen at this year’s Olympics?
I am very positive about shooting. The Olympics is a sport where you can’t predict anything before. Your team is very good in this year’s Olympics. We are number one as a team. In the past when we went we used to see the rest of the team. But now they are scared to see the Indian team. So this is a very positive thing.

How did you get the opportunity to compete in the Olympics?

My first Olympics was in 2000 in Sydney. Where I got the wildcard entry. My performance in the previous two years was good so I got a chance in the Olympics. I had never won a World Cup before, because the preparation was a bit lackluster at the time. But the first Olympic Games will never be forgotten. At the time, I was the first female shooter to reach the finals. All those moments were very precious. He then had the opportunity to play in the Athens and Beijing Olympics


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