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“I killed my daughter out of love affair”, mother’s confession, still mother granted bail … why?

Pappu Waghela, the mother of the deceased girl, reached the Paidoni police station in Mumbai and confessed to killing her daughter.

Mumbai: A mother had killed her 23-year-old daughter. The reason for the murder was that her daughter was running away with her boyfriend. The 40-year-old accused’s mother confessed to the girl’s murder in court. However, the Mumbai High Court granted bail to the accused woman. How is this possible? You will be surprised to know this. The real reason is that the woman claimed to have killed her daughter herself, but an eyewitness testified in court that if the murder was not committed by the mother, then the real culprit is the deceased’s brother. In it, the mother tried to save her child. The truth has come to light that the brother of the deceased angrily strangled his sister to death.

What is the whole case?
While granting bail to the accused woman, the court said that according to eyewitnesses, the accused brother strangled his sister to death. At that time, the woman was sitting at the feet of the girl. Therefore, considering the circumstances of the incident, the accused woman did not need to be kept in further custody, the court said.

The 23-year-old victim fell in love with a boy against the wishes of her family. While fleeing with her boyfriend, the family caught the girl and then strangled her brother with a handkerchief. After this, the mother of the dead girl, Pappu Waghela, reached the Paidoni police station in Mumbai and confessed to the murder of her daughter. Police then filed a murder charge.

Exposed during inspection
When the interrogation started, the accused woman’s son-in-law said that the mother-in-law did not kill the girl, but her mother-in-law. Police immediately arrested Akash Waghela, brother of the deceased girl.

Eyewitness Javaya said in his reply, “When I reached home on November 17, 2019, the door was closed. I pushed hard and opened it. Mevhani was lying on the ground and Pappu Vaghela, his mother-in-law was sitting at Mevhani’s feet. Was pressing. “

This eyewitness testimony is supported by the second brother of the dead girl. He said that on the day of the murder, the accused brother came out of the house crying and confessed that he had killed his sister.

The truth came out
Defendant’s lawyer Syed Abbas tried to save the girl’s brother, arguing that the incident was not premeditated and deliberate. But eyewitnesses testified that the mother did not kill the girl. So the killer is his brother-in-law. Believing the eyewitness reply, the court granted bail to accused Pappu Waghela on a personal bond of Rs 25,000.


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