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How To Use Free Unlimited Internet 2021 On Android Without Wifi

—– How to use free internet easy way to use free internet—–

Free Unlimited Internet Kaise Chalaye? How use Free Unlimited Internet in Android Mobile phone Trick Hack in english

1.To use free internet you have to first download an up then install it in your android phone after that you have to open that app

2.And there is an important information for you, you can buy only 150 to 200 MB internet every day.

3.You need to have airtel sim to use free internet if you are not airtel customer you cannot do this service to him

4.If you want to use this service then you must have android mobile

5.Airtel company has issued this very good plan for its customer, Airtel customers can definitely use it

. How to setup

1 First you download the app
2 After that install the app

3 After that you open that app

. How to use free internet

You need to set proxy first

1 First of all, you open the app, after that select the real host, you have to do everything carefully.

2 Now on proxy server, type like this

3 Now you have to click on save

. Now you have to go to Settings

1.Now you have to go to Opera’s settings carefully

2.Now you have to click on Advance

3.Now you have to click on Protocol

4.Now you have to click on HTTP

Now you have to go to the setting and select this option in advance, after that you will see this option, you will have to click on that option, after that you will have to select the network socket http on this option, after that you have to click on it, after that you will have internet access It will mean that you can use free internet but you have to keep in mind that you can buy internet only in that app.

You can search anything in this app

Important All the things that I am telling you, you have to do it keeping all the things in mind, if you do not do this then you cannot use free internet.


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