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How to make money from youtube

Gadget Desk. YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan on Friday announced the simplification of monetization policy at the company’s annual conference ‘Weedcon 2018’. This allows youtubers to make more money through their channel. Neil Mohan said that if a channel has more than 1 lakh followers, he can make his channel paid, i.e. users can get a monthly subscription to his channel for डॉलर 4.99 (around Rs. 340). After this, users can take advantage of many great features offered by the channel.

Neil Mohan said that under the new monetization policy, three new features have been added to YouTube, so that the channel can earn more than before through its content. The first feature is ‘Tweet Subscription’, through which users can subscribe to the channel. He said that right now these features have been launched only in the US and soon it will be launched for a channel with more than 1 lakh followers.

What are the other two features?

  • Another special feature is ‘Merchandise’ through which ad link can be added at the bottom of every video. Until now the video creator had to link the personal store front to the video description, but now you will find a section in the channel itself in which you will be able to show the price and photos of each product.
  • The third feature is Premier has been added. Through which creators can show their pre-recorded videos in live streaming on the page. You can also chat with other users.

What is in the new policy

  • After making changes in this policy, you will now be able to get the same channel ad which has at least 10,000 subscribers in a year as well as a total watchtime of 4000 hours.
  • 4000 hours i.e. 4000 * 60 = 240,000 minutes must have watchtime.
  • The new policy requires the channel to have 10 thousand subscribers and at least 1 lakh followers.
  • Only channels coming under this criterion will get the facility to get ads from Google. Failure to meet this criterion will result in monetary automatic disability.

What used to happen before

  • On the first YouTube channel, anyone could login with their email ID, create a YouTube channel and upload videos instantly.
  • After this, they would start earning money by enabling monetization by applying for AdSense.
  • Even in 2017, Google had made a policy of 10 thousand life time views, in which ads were available on videos only when there were 10 thousand views on any channel.

Why monetizing policy had to be changed

  • YouTube has been embroiled in controversy for the past few months. Whether it’s scandals or controversial content on the site. Last year, many YouTube users complained about the site’s content.
  • Users say that YouTube content is having a bad effect on children. In such a situation, YouTube has taken some big steps to improve its image and alleviate people’s complaints.
  • Recently, a person uploaded a very disturbing video on the site in which the body of a person who committed suicide was filmed. YouTube took immediate action on this content and removed the video from the site. YouTube also removed Paul from its ad program and put his projects on hold.
  • To deal with such incidents, YouTube changed its monetizing policy, i.e. the policy of giving money to users through ads. Now it will be difficult to make money by uploading videos on YouTube. Now you will be able to earn the same money on YouTube, which has at least 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 hours of watch time.

What is YouTube Monetization?

  • YouTube Monetization means giving you permission to start ads on YouTube videos.
  • This requires enabling the monetization of the YouTube channel. As soon as it is enabled, the user has an agreement with YouTube which has some terms and conditions.
  • Under this term and condition, YouTube deducts 45% of the monthly earnings of every channel on which monetization is enabled and sends the total income of the channel to Google AdSense which the user can also transfer to his account.
  • But there are some criteria for enabling monetization on YouTube.

What are YouTube Monetization Criteria?

First: The first rule is that your video should be an advertisement. It should not contain any kind of violent scene or obscenity.
Second: You can’t use other people’s things in the video without his permission. For example, you can’t use someone else’s background music in your video. This can block your channel for 3 to 6 months.
Third: You can’t use any other video. Doing so may block your video channel.


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