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how to hide whatsapp or any app

How to Hide App in Hindi? If you are looking for a way to hide facebook, whatsapp, instagram or any app in your android mobile phone, then today in this post we will know how to easily hide WhatsApp Ya Koi Bhi App Hide Kaise Kare in your android mobile phone for free. ?

With the help of Guys App Lock, you can easily lock any app in your android smartphone, but if you want to hide or hide any whatsapp or any application in your mobile phone, then today in this post. I will tell you that WhatsApp Ya Koi Bhi App Hide Kaise Kare Ya Kaise Chupaye?

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Friends, it happens many times that such an application is installed in our phone, which we do not want to show to everyone, so normally you do not get the option to hide apps in all android smartphones, so today in this post I will tell you I will tell how you can easily hide any of your apps.

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Guys, here I am telling you 2 working methods to hide any application in your android phone, you can try whatever you like.

how to hide whatsapp or any app

First of all you have to download and install apex launcher in your android phone.

Now after installing and downloading the apex launcher, press the Home button in your phone, and choose the apex launcher and click on set as default.

Now go to the setting of Apex launcher, and click on Drawer settings;

Now after coming to the Drawer setting, go to hidden apps;

Now select the apps you want to hide and save them.

Now you are Done!

Now that your app is hidden, so in this way you can very easily hide whatsapp or any other app in any of your android phone.

Now if you are facing problem in this method, or you do not want to download any third party app or launcher in your phone, then you can try another method.

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How to hide any app? (Method #2)

In this method, you do not need to download any kind of third-party app or launcher application, simply follow the steps mentioned below;

First of all go to the setting of your android phone;
Then go to Apps;

Now click on All Installed Apps;
Now you will get a list of all the applications installed in your phone;

Now click on any app you want to hide;
Now click on Disable option.

Now you are Done!

Now your that will be hidden from your phone.

So friends, in this way very easily you can hide any of your apps without downloading any third-party app or launcher.

But guys, if you hide the app using the second method and you disable the app, you cannot use it until you enable that app from the back.

Meaning if you disable WhatsApp to hide it, you will not get any new WhatsApp message until you enable it back. And neither will you be able to use whatsapp.

How do you do that?

Now if you have hidden the app by using the methods mentioned above, and you want to unhide the app, it is very simple to unhide the app.

If you have hidden the app using the first method, then to unhide, simply go to the setting > Drawer Setting > Hide Apps of apex launcher and unmark and save the hide.

If you have hidden the app using the second method, then simply go to your phone’s settings > apps and open the list of all apps, there you will get the option of disable apps, by clicking on it you can unhide your disable app by enabling it. can do

Hope now you have got to know how to hide and unhide the app, and now you must have known that easily WhatsApp Ya Koi Bhi App Hide Kaise Kare Ya Kaise Chupaye in any of your android mobile phone?

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Hope you like WhatsApp Ya Koi Bhi App Hide Kaise Kare? You must have found this post helpful, and would have liked it.

If you have any question related to this post then comment below. And if you liked the post, then also share it on social media.


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