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How To Hack WhatsApp – 5 Ways To Hack Account

How to hack whatsapp account in hindi? WhatsApp Hack Kaise Kare? If you too daily on the Internet, without having a mobile, how to hack Whatsapp? How To Hack Anyone’s Whatsapp Without QR Code And Without OTP? So today’s post can be very helpful for you. Because today we will know how to hack WhatsApp? And what is the whatsapp hack karne wala app.

Friends, by the way, you must have read many Whatsapp Hacking Tricks on the Internet till date. If you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp in 2 minutes, then WhatsApp Web is the easiest and simplest way to hack anyone’s WhatsApp account.

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If your Whatsapp account gets hacked again and again, someone hacks your WhatsApp again and again. So how to prevent from being hacked on WhatsApp? And what to do if your Whatsapp account gets hacked? I have already told about that too.

Friends, today in this post I will tell you four easy ways to hack whatsapp account, and we will know how to hack whatsapp without QR code and without OTP – 5 ways to hack account.

If your interest is in ethical hacking, then what is ethical hacking? – What Is Hacking In Hindi and how to become a hacker and learn hacking? Its full details are here.

How To Hack WhatsApp – 5 Ways To Hack Account

Here I am telling you 5 easy and working methods to hack, monitor, spy on anyone’s Whatsapp account, which are most used in Whatsapp hacking, whatever trick you find easy, you can try it.

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How To Hack WhatsApp Account With WhatsApp Web In Hindi?

The first and easiest way is the Whatsapp web. With the help of Whatsapp web, you can easily hack and spy on the Whatsapp account of any of your friends and relatives.

Just simply you have to take the phone of your victim for some time and then open Whatsapp and go to the setting and go to the option of Whatsapp web. Then you have to go to web.whatsapp.com in your phone and scan that code with your phone.

Now your victim’s Whatsapp account will be open in your phone. Wakki if you want to know in detail that WhatsApp Web Se WhatsApp Hack Kaise Kare? So here is his complete information.

How To Hack WhatsApp Account With Mac Spoofing?

Apart from this, if you are facing any problem with the other method, then you can use this mac spoofing method.

In this you have to root your android mobile phone first. Here is the complete information about how to Root Android phone [With and Without PC].

How To Hack WhatsApp Account With MAC Spoofing? His detailed guide is here.

How to monitor (spy) someone’s WhatsApp number?

If you want to monitor or spy on someone’s Whatsapp number, then you can do this work even without taking a mobile.

If you want to find out how many times your victim has come online on whatsapp in a day, how long has been online, and when does it come online?

So how to monitor (Spy) any WhatsApp number? Its complete information is here.

how to hack whatsapp without mobile

If you want to hack the victim’s whatsapp without taking or touching his mobile phone, then you just have to follow the steps given below;

Now first of all you have to forward the call of your victim’s number to your number, for that you have to send a message like this to the victim;

In this you have to send 21your mobile number# to your victim by making these changes.

Now by any means you have to get this code dialed from your victim in his phone, for that you can send anything according to your writing in these messages, so that your victim is easily ready to dial this code in his phone. Go.

Now as soon as your victim will dial this code in his mobile phone, all his calls will be diverted to your number.

How to do and remove Call Forwarding? Its full details are here.

Now you have to login with your victim’s number by installing new whatsapp in your phone, and wait for otp verification. (You can do all this at night, when your victim is sleeping, and he cannot see the otp message of whatsapp.)

Now otp code will go to your victim’s number, then after one minute the option of call verification will come in your whatsapp, you have to click on it.

Now you have diverted all the calls of your victim, so otp call will come on your number, then you have to login your victim’s whatsapp by entering otp.
Now you are Done!

So in this way you can hack whatsapp of anyone without taking mobile or touching phone. Later, if you want, you can remove the call divert from the victim’s number.

If your victim is a little too smart, then he will wake up in the morning to know that you or someone has hacked his whatsapp, so whatever you want to do, you will have to do it at night.

Hope you now get Bina Mobile Liye WhatsApp Hack Kaise Kare? You must have got complete information about this, now if you want to hack someone’s whatsapp permanently without knowingSo let’s see that SPY Apps Se Bina OTP Or QR Code Ke WhatsApp Hack Karne Ka Tarika? What is?

How to hack whatsapp with spy apps without otp and kar code?

Now if you are facing any problem in all the above mentioned methods, then you can easily hack anyone’s whatsapp account using the last & working method mentioned below.

  1. First of all, you have to take his Android mobile from your Victim for some time. Now he has to go to the website of hoverwatch.com in his phone. And by clicking on Sign Up, you have to create your new account.

2. After creating an account by entering your email and password, a Download button will appear in front of you, by clicking on it, you have to download the spy app of hoverwatch in your victim’s mobile.

3. Now after the spy app of hoverwatch is downloaded, you have to install it in your victim’s phone.

4. After the Spy App is installed, you have to open it, and then choose any one monitoring purpose, and accept the terms and proceed.

5. Now mark all the options in the monitoring options. And activate your hoverwatch account by signing in.

Now you are all Done!

  1. Now the spy app of hoverwatch will be automatically hidden in your victim’s phone. Now you can return the phone to your victim.

7. Now go to the site of hoverwatch.com in your phone and sign in with your email and password, now here you can see all the details of your victim’s phone. Now whenever your victim will send a message to someone on whatsapp, or open whatsapp, you will get complete information with detail & screenshot in your hoverwatch account.

whatsapp hacking app

Here I am telling you the names of some working & popular spy apps, if you want to spy someone’s whatsapp or smartphone, then you can use any one of these apps.

App Spy
So this is some whatsapp hack karne wala app with the help of which you can spy someone’s smartphone and hack his whatsapp account.

Hopefully now you must have got complete information about whatsapp hacking, and now you must have known that without QR code and without OTP or without touching mobile, Whatsapp Account Hack kaise kare?

Hope you liked this post on How to Hack WhatsApp – 5 Ways to Hack Account and found it helpful.

If you have any question related to this post then comment below. And if you liked the post, then also share it on social media.


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